Pazo Steel
Born in 1978 in Bologna – Italy
Active as writer since 1992, has continued his natural art bent turning his name from Paniko into Pazo Steel.
In 1995 he founded the artistic musical group ” PMC ” – ( Portion Massive Crew) , and in cooperation
with two artists they designed and produced several events and concerts.
Has taken part in many writing National Conventions in Bologna , Pescara , Ancona and
International Graffiti festival in Toulouse , France and ” Meeting of Style”,in Milan
In 2000 he was the founder of the ‘ Opus Magistri ‘, and together with his partners he produced
between 2000 and 2003 five huge murals for the city of Bologna and the town of Vignola (Mo) .
He was the promoter of the Italian Aerosol Culture, organizing with ‘Opus Magistri’ some writing conventions
( ” Work in Progress ” ). He worked together with the educational middle and high secondary school in Bologna,
taking theoretical and practical lessons in painting and writing .
Since 2007 he began to produce works of furniture, to design objects such as lamps and pictures
on steel and iron sheets, has developed numerous exhibitions of works with steel and institutions at national and international galleries.
He is the founder in 2014 of the ” BLQ “Association (Block Cultures Bologna).


2014 – exhibition  PAZO e DADO ” MOTORSHOW”, Bologna.
2012 – Individual exhibition _ ” Boombox ” , Vibe Gallery, London .
2011 – Group exhibition _ ” Seven Dimension” , Santa Maria delle Croci , Ravenna.
2010 – Individual exhibition _ ” Karma e Acciaio” , Ganesh Lounge Cafe, Bologna.
2009 – Exhibition ” World Bar “ft. Grace Edwards in New York.
2009 – Individual exhibition, “Steel Art Expo ” in Two Space , Bologna.
2007 – Individual exhibition _ ” Pazo on Steel,” Mutenye Bologna.
2003 – Group exhibition “Monoscritti urbani,” Cantelli gallery, Vignola , Modena.


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